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INSPEC is your one-stop rack supplier Malaysia-based. We have come up with the best racking solutions of all strength ranges to suit every business’s storage and display needs.

Racking System Malaysia

Your Trusted Racking System Supplier

We are INSPEC, a Malaysia-based racking system supplier. We have been growing as an industry at tremendous speed. Our commitment to understanding the industry’s needs and creating solutions in the form of sturdy racks makes us even more popular. The market comprises retail chains, warehouses to workshops, and manufacturers of steel and other components. Our products are already reaching out to various clients for our smart racks and fetching us fame as the supplier of racking system, Malaysia based.


Rack System

We provided high-quality storage racking systems and solutions to our clients. All is fully adjustable and easily installed.

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Gondola Rack

We supply light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty Gondola Shelves. The flat base and the panels give you plenty of uses. It makes it the ideal choice for cost-effective small store owners.

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Boltless Rack

We are a racking system supplier, and this means we supply the Boltless racks in the industry. There are brackets in the corners to keep the shelves in place.

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Mezzanine Floor

Steel platforms are the most functional piece of shelves and racks. The steel platforms are great for you to keep the racks in place to provide more strength to the racks.

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We provide OEM metal roofing sheets that can withstand wind and rain, ensuring that its residents are sheltered

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We’re Your Trusted Rack Supplier in Malaysia

We are INSPEC, and our specialization lies as a rack supplier Malaysia-based. We have partnered with the best vendors and engineering firms for supplying the racks. Our products undergo several levels of tests, making us the top choice in the field of engineering. From Multitool box to Pallet system to racking systems, we have teams working diligently for the same. We have been growing in reputation as we have teams crafting the racking systems to meet the clients’ needs.