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About Us

Inspec Engineering Systems Sdn Bhd –  well established in 2001 with spectrum of manufacturing capabilities comprises fully integrated and solutions-based. In this evolving business pace,we strongly believe in high effect and super quality in order to meet the ultimate requirements and satisfaction of clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectationsof every client by offering outstanding customer service,increase flexibility and greater value,thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.



Visionary Plus

International Outlooks

With our visionary plans – To be the global leader in material handling product and services, we have ventured into Boltless Racking Systems, Gondola Display Systems, Plastic pallet, Multitool Box, Pallet Tainer, Cantilever, I-Beam Platform, Metal Roofing and Racking System. INSPEC ENGINEERING GROUP Continues to grow the business by increasing market share, standards and targeting new markets with expending product range. Our involvement in major companies as a supplier has earned us many tributes and credits. Wehave an extentitive network and a close relationship.


Racking System Manufacturer

We are a supplier of the racking system Puchong and beyond. We came up with the concept of the best quality products to help manufacturers and dealers. Our specialty lies in ensuring only the best range of OPPA and Gondola shelves, among others for you. Our clients have been with us for over a decade as we have dedicated teams working round the clock to deliver and exceed expectations. From INSPEC Engineering Group, we are famous as a racking system manufacturer across Kiang Valley in Malaysia.

racking system manufacturer

Room To Progress Through Efficiency

Racking System Puchong

INSPEC ENGINEERING GROUP place great emphasis on the implementation of quality excellence as our competitive advantage. This is substantiated by our focus on stringent quality control at every stage of our operations in accordance to international standards. At INSPEC ENGINEERING GROUP, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge andservices to assist clients with successful implementation. Our well-built management team,consisting of passionate, experienced and dedicated professionals, is capable of upholding the standards, specifications, requirements to clients.

Why Choose Us

What makes us the top choice? We, from INSPEC Engineering Group, are in the business for a long time in Malaysia. We have been creating durable racks and shelves and more.

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When you look for shelves and racking systems, you will want superior quality. Our technology ensures the best materials and even designs to help achieve the same. We take steps to produce the racks and shelves while also passing them through the quality checks.

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We, at INSPEC Engineering, have come this far with the help of our dedication and know-how. However, to help us achieve this milestone, we stay close to our values. We follow all the rules and laws at every step to ensure success.

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You will come across several brands making a lot of promises. Our products pass through a set of guidelines laid after meeting all the standards. It ensures superior performance, offering a racking system Puchong based. We meet all the parameters, and this makes us achieve higher goals.

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We are one of the most reliable names in the light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty racking systems manufacturer. We offer Gondola shelving, Steel platform, Mezzanine floor, office systems, pallet racking, and more options from designing to implementation. It helps our clients get everything as per their needs.