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Since 2001, Inspec Engineering Systems has been a significant force in encouraging the widespread use of boltless racking system Malaysia either for personal or commercial purposes. Our boltless racks are equipped with high-density fibre (HDF) boards, which are highly durable and less prone to warping. Something our experts are adept at is creating impressive boltless racking solutions, followed by setting them up exactly where you want them, allowing you to enjoy maximum convenience from start to finish. With years of experience and dedication, we are more than thrilled to have the privilege of becoming the most sought-after boltless rack manufacturer Malaysia.

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What Are Boltless Racks?

As the name suggests, a typical boltless racking system Malaysia consists of various components attached together using clips or rivets in lieu of conventional fasteners such as bolts or screws. Such a distinctive feature makes boltless racks fairly easy and fast to assemble, especially because there is no specific equipment required. This makes them a time-effective solution for those with urgent storage concerns. Yet, the best boltless rack Malaysia are known to showcase commendable stability and sturdiness as long as they are installed correctly and in accordance with the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Why Choose Us

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Our racking solutions are carefully crafted and constructed to provide the best possible longevity, security, and space efficiency. Your warehouse can reach optimal efficiency with our dedication to accuracy, guaranteeing flawless operations and optimizing storage space without sacrificing safety.

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We are aware that each warehouse is different. Because of this, our racking systems may be tailored to meet your unique needs. We provide a customized solution that properly fits your storage demands, boosting functionality and adaptability in your changing work environment. This solution includes everything from size adjustments to specialist features.

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Quality is our first priority at every turn. To meet and beyond industry requirements, our warehouse racking systems go through extensive testing. You can rely on our solutions to provide a strong foundation for your warehouse storage, enhancing long-term efficiency and peace of mind. We place a strong emphasis on durability and reliability.


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If you are looking for the most trustworthy boltless rack manufacturer Malaysia, look no further than Inspec Engineering System. Our production area is situated right in the middle of Taman Perindustrian Puchong. We also have another branch in Ipoh, which shows our commitment as the go-to supplier of boltless rack Malaysia.