Mezzenine Floor

Mezzanine floors are a type of suspended flooring that works as both a storage area and a second floor. They are typically made of concrete or poured cement, and can be supported by pillars, beams, or walls. Mezzanine floors are sometimes called “floors with a wall in the middle,” “two-story floors,” or “floors with a basement below.” While they look like regular floors on the outside, they have extra features underneath. Most importantly, they provide extra storage space because they can be constructed with smaller square footage than traditional floors. This means that you can use less floor space for your living space, which is especially important if you’re tight on space. Plus, they provide extra privacy because they hide the area beneath them from view. That being said, Mezzanine floor racking system is ideal for storage places and at INSPEC, we are experts at installing them. Our Mezzanine floor racking system is durable, convenient, and can be installed within days.


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