Gondola Shelves


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Gondola Shelving Systems

our Gondola shelving system, made of durable materials, is worth a look at INSPEC Engineering. Call us to look at the strength of the product and even check the shelves in detail. We also offer the accessories that are necessary for setting up the Gondola shelving system Malaysia-based. Pick these and use them to place the products or hang them from the pegs. The multiple purposes you can put in the Gondola shelving system are up to your imagination. The products leaving our facility are high in durability and strength, the primary features you will need while having these shelves.


3 Different Types of Gondola Shelving Systems

  • Light Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Heavy Duty

Additional information


1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm


350mm, 400mm


900mm, 1200mm