Heavy Duty Shelving Rack in Malaysia



Heavy Duty Shelving Rack

At INSPEC Engineering, our clients seek us for our superior range of warehouse racking systems in Malaysia. Our products are high in quality while being sustainable and quite durable at the same time. So, when you search for storage racking near me, remember that our racks are the best solution for you. Engineered to perfection, these storage racks and shelves make organizing your manufacturing products or raw materials effortless. These materials are all tested and pass all the standard tests. These make them more reliable for long-term storage uses. They also make for easy display. Hence, an excellent option for retail stores and display units.


Basic Components of Warehouse Racking Systems

1. Base Plate
2. Upright
3. Horizontal Bracing
4. Diagonal Bracing
5. Beam
6. Row Spacer
7. Mesh Decking Panel
8. Steel Decking Panel
9. Plywood
10. Safety Barrier
11. Pallet Support Bar
12. Column Guard
13. Corner Guard
14. Drum Chock
15. End Connector