Selective Pallet Racking Systems



Selective Pallet Racking System

Warehouses require exceptional storage solutions, and this is where our pallet racking system comes to the forefront. At INSPEC Engineering, we have heavy-duty pallet racks to suit all types of businesses. We offer designing and installation of these shelves to help you store faster. High-quality steel and materials go into the making of these shelves and racks. It makes us the best choice. With great ease of setting up, these are the primary choice of every warehouse or industry manufacturing metals and automobiles, among others. Our cost-effective solutions are right here for you. Call us and give us your requirements. Let us take you through the selection process.


Basic Components of Warehouse Racking Systems

1. Base Plate
2. Upright
3. Horizontal Bracing
4. Diagonal Bracing
5. Beam
6. Row Spacer
7. Mesh Decking Panel
8. Steel Decking Panel
9. Plywood
10. Safety Barrier
11. Pallet Support Bar
12. Column Guard
13. Corner Guard
14. Drum Chock
15. End Connector